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Salami Piccolo $6
Salami, Cheese on Basque Bread
Turkey Piccolo $6
Turkey, Cheese on Basque Bread


Sliced Prosciutto $9
Sliced Salami $8
Sliced Salami Party Pack $15
Kivelstadt Cheese & Charcuterie Box $20*


Sourdough Baguette $6*
Rustic Bakery Rosemary Flatbread Crackers $9
Raincoast Crisps, Cranberry & Hazelnut, Olive & Fig $9
Mini Monet Crackers $6
Mini Croccatini $6
Pretzel Thins $2
Parmesan Crisps $5 (GF)
Multi-Grain Sea Salt Crackers $5 (GF)
Kettle Chips, Sea Salt, BBQ $2
Skinnypop Popcorn $2
Goldfish Crackers $1

Spreads & Sides

Dalmata Fig Spread 8oz $10
Larson Family Jams Strawberry & Pinot Noir, Grapefruit Ginger & Rosé, Cranberry Fig & Meritage $3.50
Larson Family Mustards Honeyed Wine with Garlic Mustard, Red Wine Spicy Mustard, Habanero White Wine Mustard $3.50
Sonoma Harvest Olive Oils 3.4oz, Extra Virgin, Sweet Basil, Rosemary $6
Sonoma Harvest Barrel Aged Balsamic 3.4oz $6
Hummus 8oz $8

*Available weekends only

Cow Cheeses

Cowgirl Creamery
-Mt Tam Brie $18
-Red Hawk Brie $18
Marin French Cheese
-Classic Brie $14
-Petite Supreme Brie $10
-Breakfast Brie $10
-Petite Truffle Brie $10
-Jalapeno Brie $10
Cabot Creamery
-Seriously Sharp White Cheddar $8
-Garlic Jack $6
-Sliced Smoked Gouda $6
-Isabella 2 Sisters Gouda Snack Size $2
-Fresh Mozzarella Balls $6

Goat Cheeses

Laura Chenel
-Orange Blossom Honey Log $9
-Olive Log $9
Cypress Grove
-Purple Haze $9


Anette’s Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Chocolate Caramel Corn $10
Dark Chocolate Bar with Cypress Sea Salt $5
Three Lab Cab Chocolate Bar, Toffee, Caramel, Sea Salt $5
Three Lab Tin, Dark Chocolate $6
Chardonnay Brittle $13
Three Lab Cab Chocolate Sauce $20


Bottled Water $1
Honest Kids Juice Box, Grape, Fruit Punch $2
GoGo Squeeze Applesauce $2
Orange Juice $4
Chocolate Milk $3
La Croix Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit $2
Bottled Soda, Coca Cola, Dad’s Root Beer, Orange Crush, Sprite $4
Sweetened Iced Tea, Black or Peach $4