Bud Break 2021

early bud break 2021 chardonnay vines

The vines have woken up from their long winter’s nap.  Anyone want to tell them 2020 is finally over?  Bud Break sets off the vineyards cycle of grape growing that culminates in harvest in the fall. This year, we saw Bud Break in our Chardonnay block of the Home Ranch in mid to late March. When the vines get off to a late start, it may push back the timing of harvest.

Nori Nakamura, our winemaker, walks us through the lifecycle of a grapevine in the video below. Check back soon to learn more about Flowering and Fruit Set later this spring.

Want to get up close and personal with our vineyards? When you visit the Larson Family Winery tasting room, you’re welcome to explore the vines just north of our back pad. You can see the buds and leaves and fruit for yourself!